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At Greco Law, PLLC, Laura Greco Naylor is the founding partner and chief litigator of Greco Law, PLLC. She brings to bear considerable litigation and negotiation skills to obtain the most favorable results possible for her clients.

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Experienced Family Law Representation

Family law issues are always sensitive. You want an attorney who understands your situation and goals and can help you reach them. The questions are both legal and emotional. Statutory and case law controls how judges decide cases. But issues of property division, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony all trigger powerful emotions. I can help you navigate both sides of these issues.

I’m attorney Laura Greco Naylor and at Greco Law, PLLC, I provide the professional legal guidance you need to help you make the decisions you need for your and your family’s future. None of this is easy, but with my help, the decisions you make will be informed and knowledgeable.

Family Law


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Custody And Visitation

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From Uncontested Divorces To High Asset Cases

I have worked in the legal system for more than 25 years. I have seen hundreds of clients in this system. I make it a point to meet my clients where they are. I can assist with an uncontested divorce for a couple with no children and few assets as well as couples with significant and complex marital assets, including sophisticated investments, business ownership and professional practices.

My goal is to be your advocate, protect your interests, provide effective solutions and help you move on with your life in an as efficient matter as circumstances permit. There is no one-size-fits-all divorce and I help you obtain the solution you need.

Reducing Conflict With Mediation